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1. From Belle to Belle II (and beyond) [Challenges for Belle II in the "Anomaly Era" / Tom Browder (University of Hawai'i) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-090] 30 minutes, Talk commissioned by Dr Gianluca Inguglia for the closeout of the workshop.
09 September 2021
/ Anomalies and Precision in the Belle II Era
I provide a historical perspective on the successes, technical problems of Belle and KEKB before discussing the current luminosity world-records of SuperKEKB and the prospect of resolving its current problems. [...]
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2. Search for lepton flavor universality violation in leptonic tau decays with 1x1 and 3x1 topologies. / The Belle II Collaboration [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2021-009]
07 September 2021

This public plot document presents MC sensitivity studies for the search for LFU violation in $\tau \rightarrow \ell \bar{\nu} \nu$ decays using 1x1 and 3x1 prong $\tau$-pair events..
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3. Belle II Status and Prospects for New Physics / Tom Browder [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-062] 60 minutes (Indian Summer School sponsored by MNIT Jaipur)
19 July 2021
/ Software Tools and Techniques in EHEP and Its applications
I review the status of Belle II@SuperKEKB including new luminosity world records, recent results on the dark sector, B physics, charm and tau physics. [...]
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4. Measurement of the time-integrated mixing probability chi_d with a semileptonic double-tagging strategy and 34.6 fb^-1 of Belle II collision data / Florian Bernlochner ; Jochen Dingfelder ; Stephan Duell ; Peter Lewis [BELLE2-CONF-PH-2021-004]
06 April 2021

We present a first measurement of the time-integrated mixing probability chi_d using Belle II collision data corresponding to the integrated luminosity of 34.6 fb^-1. [...]
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5. Lepton Identification using Belle II Silicon-strip Vertex Detector / R. Tiwary [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2021-009]
16 March 2021

We improve the identification performance of low-momentum leptons, especially electrons, using the specific ionisation information from the silicon-strip vertex detector (SVD) of the Belle II experiment..
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6. Approved plots: Preliminary analysis of $D^{*+} \rightarrow D^0 (\pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0) \pi^+$ / The Belle II Collaboration [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2021-003]
14 March 2021

We construct $D^{*+} \rightarrow D^{0}(\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0)\pi^+$ decays in the Moriond 2021 dataset (72\invfb). [...]
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7. SuperKEKB/Belle II Upgrades / T. Browder (on behalf of Belle II/SuperKEKB) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-068] 4 minutes (presentation in accelerator section 5 of the Snowmass community planning meeting)
06 October 2020
/ Snowmass 2020
I briefly review the status and plan for SuperKEKB and Belle II upgrades to reach an integrated luminosity of 50 ab^-1 within the decade. [...]
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8. First Physics Results from Belle II@SuperKEKB / Tom Browder (University of Hawai'i) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-055] 1 hour
11 September 2020
/ Fermilab Wine and Cheese Seminar
I review the status of Belle II and SuperKEKB after the spring 2020 run during the global pandemic. [...]
Fulltext: FNAL_2020_teb_final - Download fulltextPDF; BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-055 - Download fulltextPPTX;
9. Diversity + Inclusion at Belle II / Shanette De La Motte ; Hannah Wakeling ; Matt Barrett ; Kay Kinoshita [BELLE2-POSTER-CONF-2020-001] 3 minutes Posters converted to 1+3 slides for virtual conference
31 July 2020
/ ICHEP2020
The Belle II collaboration comprises over 1000 international high energy physicists, who investigate the properties of b-quarks and other particles at the luminosity frontier. [...]
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10. First Physics Results from Belle II@SuperKEKB / Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-036] 60 minutes (some material skipped because of lack of time)
28 July 2020
/ SLAC FPD Experimental Seminar
I will present a few highlights from the latest Belle II Physics Run, which took place in spring and summer 2020 during the global pandemic and just concluded a month ago. [...]
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