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1. Development and Deployment of a Deep Neural Network based Flavor Tagger for Belle II / Jochen Gemmler ; Prof. Michael Feindt ; Prof. Florian Bernlochner [ETP-KA/2020-11] [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-005] Presented on 15 05 2020 PhD
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / Karlsruhe
In this thesis a flavor tagging algorithm based on these Deep Learning methods is developed and investigated. [...]
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2. Study of B Meson Flavor Tagging with Deep Neural Networks at Belle and Belle II / Jochen Frank Gemmler ; Michael Feindt ; Günter Quast [IEKP-KA/2016-11] [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2019-007] Presented on 03 08 2016 MSc
IEKP Karlsruhe Institut of Technology / Karlsruhe
In this thesis, a novel approach for B meson flavor tagging using Deep Neural Networks is presented. [...]
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3. Combinatorial Kalman Filter and High Level Trigger Reconstruction for the Belle II Experiment / Nils Braun ; Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt ; Prof. Dr. Florian U. Bernlochner [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2019-002] Presented on 21 12 2018 PhD
Karlsuhe Institute of Technology / Karlsruhe
The Belle II detector is introduced in Chapter 2 with a focus on the tracking subdetectors and the trigger setup required for this thesis. [...]
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4. Analysis of B+ -> l+ ν γ decays with the Belle II Analysis Software Framework / Felix Metzner ; Michael Feindt ; Ulrich Husemann ; Martin Heck ; et al [IEKP-KA/2016-6] [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2017-008] Presented on 31 05 2016 MSc
IEKP Karlsruhe Institut of Technology / Karlsruhe
Analysis of the decays B+ -> l+ ν γ with the Belle II Analysis Framework and on Belle Monte Carlo via the B2BII conversion tool. [...]
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5. dE/dx particle identification and pixel detector data reduction for the Belle II experiment / Christian Pulvermacher ; Michael Feindt [IEKP-KA/2012-09] [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2017-006] Presented on 01 06 2012 Diploma
IEKP / Karlsruhe
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6. Development of Pattern Recognition Algorithms for the Central Drift Chamber of the Belle II Detector / Viktor Trusov ; Michael Feindt ; Andreas Meyer [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2017-001] Presented on 04 11 2016 PhD
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / Karlsruhe
In 1973 Kobayashi and Maskawa proposed a mechanism which describes CP violation by introducing an irreducible complex phase in the quark mixing matrix. [...]
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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / Karlsruhe
The software framework of the Belle II experiment was improved and extended with the aim of both simplifying physics analyses and providing more powerful tools. [...]
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8. The Full Event Interpretation for Belle II / Thomas Keck ; Thomas Kuhr ; Martin Heck ; Michael Feindt ; et al [IEKP-KA/2014-18] [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2015-001]
KIT IEKP / Karlsruhe
The Belle II experiment offers the possibility to perform unique measurements with unprecedented precision. [...]
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