Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2019-002

Combinatorial Kalman Filter and High Level Trigger Reconstruction for the Belle II Experiment

Nils Braun ; Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt ; Prof. Dr. Florian U. Bernlochner

Karlsuhe Institute of Technology Karlsruhe

Abstract: The Belle II detector is introduced in Chapter 2 with a focus on the tracking subdetectors and the trigger setup required for this thesis. The foundations behind the development of tracking algorithms and the concept applied at Belle II are described in Chapter 3. In Chapter 4, the detailed processing time measurements for the HLT reconstruction as well as the developed trigger setup are discussed together with the new implementation for the multiprocessing framework. The first-developed precise event time determination required for a successful data acquisition is described in Chapter 5 together with its performance. The combinatorial Kalman filter developed during this work is presented in Chapter 6. Its large beneficial impact on the resolution of the reconstruction and other important figures of merit as well as its performance on the first recorded data is outlined in the chapter. The thesis ends with conclusions on the performed work in Chapter 7.

Note: Presented on 21 12 2018
Note: PhD

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