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1. Search for the decay $B \rightarrow D^* \eta \pi$ in Belle II / Vismaya V S ; S. Sandilya ; K. Trabelsi [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-028]
12 July 2023

Recent measurements of semileptonic decays show a difference between the branching ratio of the sum of exclusive decay rates and the inclusive $b \rightarrow c \ell \nu$ decay rate (the so-called Semi-Leptonic (SL) gap) which affects the interpretation of the CKM element $|Vcb|$. [...]
Fulltext: BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-028 - Download fulltextPDF; BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-028_v1 - Download fulltextPDF;
2. Charged Particle Identification Performances in Belle II / Swarna Prabha Maharana; ; Vismaya V S; ; Saurabh Sandilya [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-027]
12 July 2023

An efficient Particle identification(PID) is crucial for Belle II as it deals with a much higher event rate than Belle and ultimately with a more extensive background. [...]
Fulltext: 2022_DAE_BRNS_HEP_Proceedings_v2 - Download fulltextPDF; BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-027 - Download fulltextPDF;
3. Charged Particle Identification with the TOP detector at Belle II / Vismaya V S ; L. Nayak ; S. Sandilya [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-026]
12 July 2023

The Belle II detector is located at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric $e^{+}$-$e^{-}$ collider and has acquired the world’s highest instantaneous luminosity this year. [...]
Fulltext: BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-026_v1 - Download fulltextPDF; BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2023-026 - Download fulltextPDF;
4. Machine Learning for New Physics in B → K ∗µ+µ− Decays / Shawn Dubey ; Alexei Sibidanov ; Thomas E. Browder ; Shahab Kohani ; et al [BELLE2-POSTER-CONF-2023-002]
01 May 2023
/ CHEP 2023
We report the status of a neural network regression model trained to extract new physics (NP) parame- ters in Monte Carlo (MC) data. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
5. Measurement of branching fraction for B → K∗ℓℓ at Belle II / Seema Choudhury ; Soumen Halder ; Lopamudra Nayak ; Saurabh Sandilya ; et al [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2022-007]
01 March 2022

This paper report the BR measurement of B → K∗ℓℓ decays using 189.26/fb of data collected during 2019–2021 by the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB e+e− asymmetric-energy collider, corresponding to (197.2±5.7)×106 BB ̄ events. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
6. Measurements of the branching fractions for B→K∗γ decays at Belle II / R. Tiwary ; R. Mehta ; R. Dhamija ; S Sandilya ; et al [BELLE2-CONF-PH-2021-004]
10 October 2021

This paper reports a study of B→K∗γ decays using 62.8±0.6 fb−1 of data collected during 2019–2020 by the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB e+e− asymmetric-energy collider, corresponding to (68.2±0.8)×10^6 BB events. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
7. Latest Belle II results on beauty and charm decays / Saurabh Sandilya [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2021-014]
08 May 2021

We present the measurements, performed by the Belle II experiment, related to the B and D meson decays. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
8. Latest results on beauty and charm decays at Belle II / Saurabh Sandilya [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2021-039] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-014] 15 mins
29 March 2021
/ Moriond QCD 2021
Invited talk on Latest results on beauty and charm decays at Belle II
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
9. Rare decays and lepton flavor universality ratios / Saurabh Sandilya [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2019-099] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-097] 25 min
29 July 2019
/ DPF2019
Recent measurements of Rare Decays and Lepton Flavor Universality ratios and its Belle II prospects..
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
10. Kaon and Pion Identification Performances in Phase III data / Saurabh Sandilya ; Alan Schwartz [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2019-022]
03 August 2019

We study the performances of the charged Kaon and Pion identification based on 2.62 fb−1 Phase III data from the Physics runs taken during summer 2019 and compare with Phase III Monte Carlo events. [...]
Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;

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