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1. Recent highlights from the Belle II experiment / Tristan Fillinger [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2023-032] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2023-030]
27 March 2023
/ International Conference on the Physics of the Two Infinities
The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB collider has now collected approximately 400 million bottom-antibottom meson pairs at the Y(4S) resonance. [...]
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2. Measurement of the time dependent CP Asymmetry of $B \to K^* \gamma$ decays in the Belle II experiment / Tristan Fillinger ; Jérôme Baudot [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2023-002] Presented on 30 09 2022 PhD
Université de Strasbourg / Strasbourg
The Standard Model of particle physics, which describes the fundamental particles and their interactions, is the most successful theory in the history of science. [...]
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3. Latest EW and radiative penguin results from Belle II / Tristan Fillinger [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2022-015] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2022-019]
20 February 2022
/ Lake Louise Winter Institute 2022
Latest EW and radiative penguin results from Belle II (Fev [...]
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4. Studies to upgrade the silicon tracker of the Belle II experiment / Tristan Fillinger ; Jerome Baudot [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-022] Presented on 20 06 2019 MSc
IPHC / Strasbourg
Various upgrade options for the vertex detector of the Belle II experiment are studied in this report. [...]
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5. Track Finding at Belle II / Valerio Bertacchi ; Tadeas Bilka ; Nils Braun ; Giulia Casarosa ; et al [BELLE2-PUB-TE-2020-001]
25 March 2020

This paper describes the track-finding algorithm that is used for event reconstruction in the Belle II experiment operating at the SuperKEKB B-factory in Tsukuba, Japan. [...]
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