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1. Dark Matter Searches at B-Factories / Doris Yangsoo Kim [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2023-166] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2023-191] 40 minutes including questions
01 November 2023
/ IBS Dark World 2023
The B-factories driven by e+ e- colliders provide unique opportunities to search for dark matter or new particles beyond the Standard Model. [...]
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2. Belle II hightlights / Doris Yangsoo Kim [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2023-109] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2023-110] 20 minutes. A separate Q & A at the end of the session
08 August 2023
/ Rencontres du Vietnam: Windows on the Universe 2023
Invited talk on highlights from Belle II for a flavour/plenary session..
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3. Charm lifetime measurements at Belle II / Doris Kim [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2022-125] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2022-090]
21 August 2022
/ The 15th Asia Pacific Physics Conference
Outstanding vertexing performance and low-background environment are key enablers of a systematic Belle II program targeted at measurements of charm hadron lifetimes. [...]
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4. Recent results on B and D decay from Belle II / Doris Yangsoo Kim [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2022-113] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2022-085] 18 minutes including Q & A
27 July 2022
/ PASCOS 2022
The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB energy-asymmetric e+eāˆ’ collider is a substantial upgrade of the B factory facility at the Japanese KEK laboratory. [...]
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5. A study on CP violation in the š·0 ā†’ šœ‹+šœ‹āˆ’ and š·0 ā†’ š¾+š¾āˆ’ decay channels using the Belle II experiment and a detailed research on the š·āˆ—+ ā†’ š·0šœ‹+ decays to develop a related analysis software tool / Ijeong Na ; Taehoon Lee ; Myung- Cheon ; Doris Yangsoo Kim [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2022-009] Presented on 15 12 2021 MSc
Soongsil University / Seoul
The Belle II experiment started its physics run in 2019 and has accumulated more than 213.49/fb heretofore, and aims to accumulate more than 50/ab until the end of the experiment [...]
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6. MC study to obtain reconstruction efficiencies to measure branching fraction of D+ -> K+ pi0 mode / Haeyun Hwang ; Doris Kim [BELLE2-UTHESIS-2021-001] Presented on 13 12 2021 BSc
Soongsil University / Seoul
Measuring the branching fraction of the D meson rare decay is important for validating the theoretical calculations of the standard model. [...]
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7. CPV and CKM: Experimental Overview / Doris Kim [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2020-045] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-039]
28 July 2020
/ 40th International Conference on High Energy Physics
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8. Measurement of time-integrated CP asymmetry in D0->pipi and D0->KK with Belle II Monte Carlo data / Jaeyeon Kim ; Taehoon Lee ; Doris Yangsoo Kim ; Sookyung Choi [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2020-003] Presented on 06 04 2020 MSc
Soongsil University / Seoul
It could be the key of the new physics to measure Time-integrated CP asymmetry(A_CP) of Charm particles [...]
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9. Comparison of the Simulated Lifetime of Primary and Secondary Lambda_0 Particles in Belle II Analysis Software Framework / Sangsik Yoon ; Doris Kim [BELLE2-UTHESIS-2019-002] Presented on 28 05 2019 BSc
Soongsil University / Seoul
The problem of the simulated lifetime of secondary Lambda_0 particles in the Belle II detector simulation has been reported by Hikari Hirata at Nagoya University [...]
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10. The Belle II simulation library / Doris Y Kim ; The Belle II Simulation Group [BELLE2-POSTER-DRAFT-2019-002] [BELLE2-POSTER-CONF-2019-004] poster
09 March 2019
/ ACAT 2019
The SuperKEKB collider and the Belle II experiment have finished the second phase of their runs in 2018, which was an essential step to study the e+ e- beam collisions and prepare for the third phase of the runs. [...]
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