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1. Charm lifetimes at Belle II / Angelo Di Canto [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2022-101]
19 August 2022
/ PhiPsi 2022
Outstanding vertexing performance and low-background environment are key enablers of a systematic Belle II program targeted at measurements of charm hadron lifetimes Recent results from measurements of the D0, D+, Lambda_c and Omega_c lifetimes are presented..
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2. Measurement of the $\Omega_c^0$ lifetime at Belle II / Angelo Di Canto ; Nisar Nellikunnummel [BELLE2-PUB-PH-2022-001]
23 June 2022

We report on a measurement of the \Omgc lifetime using $\Omgc\to\Omg\pip$ decays reconstructed in the \epem-collision data collected by Belle~II between 2019 and the first half of 2021, which correspond to \lumi of integrated luminosity. [...]
3. A new Software Training Model at Belle II / Kilian Lieret ; Alejandro Mora ; Moritz Bauer ; Michel Bertemes ; et al [BELLE2-POSTER-CONF-2021-003]
24 November 2021
/ ACAT 2021
The physics output of modern experimental HEP collaborations hinges not only on the quality of its software but also on the ability of the collaborators to make the best possible use of it. [...]
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4. Recent world leading results
 on charm, and exotic b decays / Angelo Di Canto [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2021-047] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-021] 30'
20 April 2021
/ APS April Meeting
An overview will be given of the latest experimental results in charm physics, including mixing and CP-violation measurements, and in decays of beauty hadrons into exotic states, such as candidate tetraquark and pentaquark states..
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5. $D^0$ Lifetime Plots with 2019 Data / The Belle II Collaboration ; Angelo Di Canto ; Giulia Casarosa [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2020-008] details of the analysis in B2NOTE-PH-2020-033
24 July 2020

Preliminary plots of the D0 lifetime for the D0 → K−π+, D0 → K−π+π0 and D0 → K−π+π+π− decays reconstructed in the data collected by Belle II during 2019, corresponding to 9.6 fb−1 of integrated luminosity. [...]
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