Measurement of the $\Omega_c^0$ lifetime at Belle II

Angelo Di Canto ; Nisar Nellikunnummel

23 June 2022

Abstract: We report on a measurement of the \Omgc lifetime using $\Omgc\to\Omg\pip$ decays reconstructed in the \epem-collision data collected by Belle~II between 2019 and the first half of 2021, which correspond to \lumi of integrated luminosity. The result, $\tau(\Omgc)=\tauOmgc\pm\tauOmgcStat\pm\tauOmgcSyst\fs$, agrees with recent measurements indicating that the \Omgc is not the shortest-lived weakly decaying charm baryon.

Keyword(s): lifetime, charm, baryons, vertexing

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