Experimental mini-review on exclusive |Vub| (Belle II)

Matic Lubej

10 March 2017

Abstract: We give a short overview of existing branching fraction measurements of charmless semileptonic B meson decays of the form B -> Xu l \nu, with Xu being \pi, \rho, \omega, \eta or \eta'. We focus on results from Belle and BABAR collaborations. We report prospects for measurements and estimates for |Vub| determinations in B -> \pi l \nu decays at Belle II. With the full expected Belle II dataset, 50 ab−1 of integrated luminosity, the estimated errors on |Vub|, including expected improvements in Lattice QCD calculations in the next decade, are 1.7 % and 1.3 % obtained with the tagged and untagged method of companion B meson reconstruction, respectively.

Keyword(s): review ; charmless ; semileptonic ; B meson ; vub ; belle II ; prospects
Note: Extended deadline on March 15th.

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