Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2020-001

Optimization of the pi0 reconstruction selections for the Belle II experiment

Sebastian Stengel ; Concettina Sfienti ; Torben Ferber

Johannes Gutenberg University, Institute of Nuclear Physics Mainz

Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to provide optimized selections for the π0 reconstruction in the Belle II analysis software framework (basf2). basf2 provides generic selections on photons and on pi0s reconstructed via pi0->gg, which are designed to provide a certain pi0 reconstruction efficiency. The goal is to define optimized selections for 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, and 10% π0 reconstruction efficiency, the optimization criterion being the maximization of the purity of the pi0 sample.

Note: Presented on 11 12 2019
Note: MSc

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