Measurement of the CKM angle $ \phi_{3} $ using B$ \rightarrow $DK with Belle II

Manish Kumar ; Kavita Lalwani ; Karim Trabelsi

08 July 2019

Abstract: We present a preliminary study of using the decay $B^{\pm} \rightarrow D_{CP}K^{\pm}$ to measure $\phi_{3}$ at Belle II, where $D_{CP}$ represents a $D$ meson decay to a $CP$ even eigenstate i.e. $K^{+}K^{-}$ and $ \pi^{+}\pi^{-} $. We discuss the $\phi_{3}$ measurement one may expect at Belle II with an integrated luminosity of 50 ab$^{-1}$. We also present the preliminary results on the reconstruction of $B$ and $D$ mesons from a Belle II data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 472 pb$^{-1}$.

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