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B Physics: New Physics and the Next Generation / Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2015-020]
10 June 2015
/ Gordon Research Conference on Particle Physics
Starting with a review of the CKM matrix and the Wolfenstein parameterization, I review some recent results in B Physics. [...]
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Flavour physics at Belle II / Phillip Urquijo [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2015-001] 40 minutes
04 March 2015
/ Flavor and Top Physics @100 TeV Workshop (March 4-7, 2015, IHEP, Beijing, China)
Review of the Belle II flavour physics program..
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B Physics: The Next Generation / Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2015-019]
05 May 2015
/ PHENO 2015
I start with review of complex phases in the weak interaction coupling constant matrix. [...]
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Status of Belle II and SuperKEKB / Denis Epifanov [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2013-004]
20 November 2013
/ PASCOS, Taipei, Taiwan
Belle II overview talk
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Belle II and Super KEKB Status (Aug 2015) / Tom Browder (University of Hawaii) [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2015-028]
12 October 2015
/ US Belle II summer school
A pedagogical introduction to SuperKEKB and Belle II for the 2015 US Belle II summer school at PNNL. [...]
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