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1. Reconstruction of B0 -> J/ψKS0 and B+ -> J/ψK+ / Y. Yusa [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2020-004]
21 April 2020

In this public note, we describe the reconstruction of the CP eigenstate of B0-> J/\psi K0S and its control sample of B+ -> J/\psi K+ using the data set taken from the 2019 runs recorded by the Belle II which corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 8.7 /fb..
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2. Time-dependent studies with early Belle II data / Yosuke Yusa [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2019-144] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-131] 20 minutes
26 September 2019
/ Beauty 2019
Time-dependent analysis is reviewed mainly focusing on mixing measurement and reconstruction of relevant decays using phase 3 data..
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3. $J/\Psi \to \ell^+ \ell^-$ in early Phase 3 data using global particle likelihood. / Daniel Ferlewicz ; Giacomo De Pietro ; Yosuke Yusa [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2019-012]
09 July 2019

We present approved plots for $J/\Psi \to \ell^+ \ell^-$ in bucket 4 and bucket 6 of early phase 3 data, using basic track selection criteria and global particle likelihoods for both the dielectron and dimuon final states..
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4. Reconstruction of B0 → J/ψ K0S / Y. Yusa [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2019-010]
08 July 2019

In this note, we describe about the reconstruction of CP eigenstate of B^0 → J/ψ K^0_S using an early data set taken during the spring run in 2019..
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5. phi1 and phi2 at Belle (II) / Yosuke Yusa [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2019-014] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-019] 30 min
15 February 2019
/ KEK-FF 2019
Measurements of time-dependent CP violation are reviewed focusing on angle phi1 and phi2 at Belle and Belle II..
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