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1. Prospects for long-lived particle searches at Belle II / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2021-094] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-076]
26 July 2021
/ EPS-HEP 2021
The Belle II experiment at the asymmetric 𝑒+π‘’βˆ’ collider, SuperKEKB, is a substantial upgrade of the Belle/KEKB experiment. [...]
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2. Neural Network based Pulse Shape Analysis with the Belle II Electromagnetic Calorimeter / Stella Katharina Wermuth ; Dr. Torben Ferber ; Prof. Dr. Oliver Gerberding [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-072] Presented on 22 06 2021 MSc
DESY / Hamburg
The Belle II experiment, located at the SuperKEKB e+e- collider in Japan, uses pulse shape analysis techniques to distinguish electromagnetically and hadronically interacting particles within the CsI(Tl) electromagnetic calorimeter. [...]
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3. Light dark matter searches at (Super) B-Factories / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2021-056] 35+10
11 June 2021
/ 721. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Light Dark Matter Searches
The B-Factories Belle and BaBar provided an excellent environment to search for light mediators in the GeV mass range at e+e- colliders. [...]
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4. Shower shape conversion between electrons and photons in Belle II using Cycle Generative Adversarial Network / Cedric Ly ; Dr. Torben Ferber [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-005] Presented on 18 03 2021 MSc
DESY / Hamburg
Simulation is essential to high-energy physics. [...]
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5. First results from Belle II / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2020-005] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2020-012]
20 February 2020
/ 58th International Winter Conference on Nuclear Physics
First results from Belle II
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6. Optimization of the pi0 reconstruction selections for the Belle II experiment / Sebastian Stengel ; Concettina Sfienti ; Torben Ferber [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2020-001] Presented on 11 12 2019 MSc
Johannes Gutenberg University, Institute of Nuclear Physics / Mainz
The purpose of this thesis is to provide optimized selections for the Ο€0 reconstruction in the Belle II analysis software framework (basf2). [...]
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7. Dark sectors at low energy colliders / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2019-039] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-046] 30+5 min
23 April 2019
/ ALPS 2019
invited talk
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8. Electromagnetic calorimeter reconstruction in Belle II / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2019-012] 20
12 March 2019
/ ACAT2019
The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB e+e- collider has completed its first-collisions run in 2018. [...]
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9. Probing Dark Photons and ALPs 
at B-factories / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-TALK-DRAFT-2018-019] [BELLE2-TALK-CONF-2018-033] 20+10 min Expert audience, no introductions to DM
04 April 2018
/ DM @ LHC 2018
The next-generation B-factory experiment Belle II at the upgraded KEKB accelerator, SuperKEKB, will start physics data taking in 2018. [...]
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10. Plot of Ο€0 β†’ Ξ³ Ξ³ invariant mass in 5 pb-1 of collision data / Torben Ferber [BELLE2-NOTE-PL-2018-009]
31 May 2018

This figure shows the invariant mass distribution of $\pi^0 \to \gamma \gamma$ in 5 pb$^{-1}$ of collision data. [...]
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