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1. Development of Electrical Quality Assurance for Silicon Vertex Detector in Belle II experiment / Junya Sasaki ; Hiroaki Aihara [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-059] Presented on 02 02 2015 MSc
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
Belle II experiment is the upgrade of Belle experiment. [...]
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2. Feasibility study of ghost hits reduction in Silicon Vertex Detector for Belle II experiment / Kun Wan ; Hiroaki Aihara [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-058] Presented on 21 07 2017 MSc
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
Belle II experiment is a next generation B-factory that is aimed to study many excit- ing and intriguing topics in the research of New Physics, located in Tsukuba, Japan. [...]
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3. Development of proper-time resolution function for improved measurement of time evolution of B mesons in the Belle II experiment / Zhang Tingyu ; Hiroaki Aihara [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2021-057] Presented on 22 07 2020 MSc
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
n the Standard Model, the single irreducible complex phase in the Cabibbo-Kobayashi- Maskawa (CKM) quark-mixing matrix causes the effects of Charge-Parity (CP) violation. [...]
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4. Time Dependent Charge-Parity Violation in B0 ā†’ KS0KS0KS0 in Belle II early operation / Wan Kun ; Hiroaki Aihara [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-013] Presented on 13 04 2021 PhD
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
The Belle II experiment is a next-generation super B-factory experiment. [...]
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5. Measurement of the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decays B ā†’ Kl+lāˆ’ at the Belle II Experiment / Johnny Alejandro Mora Grimaldo ; Hiroaki Aihara [BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-012] Presented on 27 07 2020 PhD
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
Flavor Changing Neutral Currents (FCNC) constitute excellent probes for physics beyond the Standard Model, since their branching fractions can be affected by the presence of new, heavy particles as mediators. [...]
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6. Design Study of Belle II Interaction Region / Shinya Sugihara ; Hiroaki Aihara [Belle2MThesis0001] [BELLE2-MTHESIS-2013-002] Presented on 03 02 2011 MSc
University of Tokyo / Tokyo
The Belle II experiment will explore new physics beyond the standard model through the study of rare decay processes. [...]
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