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182. Belle II Computing and requirements of the network / Takanori Hara [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-008]
13 August 2014

Toward the start of physics run in 2017, the Belle II, the next-generation flavor factory experiment in Japan, is establishing the computing system based on a distributed computing technologies [...]
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183. The software library of the Belle II experiment / Doris y kim [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-007]
04 July 2014

A next generation B factory and the detector counterpart, SuperKEKB and Belle II, are being built in J apan, as the upgrades of KEKB and Belle, respectively [...]
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184. The Software Library of the Coming Belle II Experiment and its Simulation Package / Doris y kim [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-006]
30 October 2013

–The Belle II experiment at KEK, Japan, is a next generation experiment utilizing the SuperKEKB accelerator, which is currently being upgraded [...]
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185. First Production with the Belle II Distributed Computing System / Thomas Kuhr [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-005]
14 October 2013

The next generation B factory experiment Belle II will collect huge data samples which are a challenge for the computing system [...]
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186. Development of High Level Trigger Software for Belle II at SuperKEKB / Soohyung Lee [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-004] Date of Documetn is uncertain
18 October 2010

The Belle collaboration has been trying for 10 years to reveal the mystery of the current matter-dominated universe. [...]
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187. Computing at Belle II / Takanori Hara [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-003] Date of Document is uncertain
22 February 2010

The Belle II experiment, a next-generation B factory experiment at KEK, is expected to record a two orders of magnitude larger data volume than its predecessor, the Belle experiment. [...]
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188. Distributed Computing Models for SuperBelle Experiment / TakanoriHara [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-002]
21 April 2009

In order to search for the new physics beyond the Standard Model, an upgrade of the Belle, so-called the Belle II experiment is being planned. [...]
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189. Prospects on time-integrated CPV measurements at Belle II / Seema Bahinipati [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2017-001]
11 February 2017

Charge-conjugation-partiy (CP) violation in charm decays can be searched using the time integrated decay rates of charm hadrons into various final states. [...]
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190. The Belle II experiment: fundamental physics at the flavor frontier / Ivan Heredia de la Cruz [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2016-007]
24 August 2016

After the major success of B-factories to establish the CKM mechanism and its proven potential to search for new physics, the Belle II experiment will continue exploring the physics at the flavor frontier over the next years [...]
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191. Particle Identification at Belle II / Saurabh Sandilya [BELLE2-CONF-PROC-2016-006]
18 August 2016

We report on the particle identification systems for the upcoming Belle II detector. [...]
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