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000000932 245__ $$aCommissioning and operation status of Belle II and SuperKEKB
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000000932 520__ $$aThe luminosity of SuperKEKB is higher than KEKB by factor 40 with various upgraded points. Most important item of upgrades is to apply nano-beam collision with smaller horizontal beam size and larger cross angle. Then, higher luminosity can be obtained even with smaller vertical beta function. The Belle II is also upgraded to countermeasure higher beam background and higher trigger rate. The commissioning schedule is divided to three phases. The phase 1 operation was carried out for the hardware check and the vacuum scrubbing without Belle II and the final forcing magnets. The phase 2 operation started with Belle II from March 2018. The first collision occurred on April 26th. The phase 3 operation will start with full VTX detector from February 2019. Fruitful physics will come soon.
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