Migrating the Belle II collaborative services and tools

A. Gellrich ; D. Jahnke-Zumbusch ; D. Knittel ; P. v. d. Reest ; B. Vennemann ; N. Braun ; D. Dossett ; O. Frost ; T. Hauth ; J. Grygier ; T. Kuhr ; L. Li ; N. Nakao ; M. Prim ; F. Schwenssen ; P. Urquijo

13 October 2016

Abstract: Collaborative services and tools are essential for any (HEP) experiment. They help to integrate global virtual communities by allowing to share and exchange relevant information among members by way of web-based services. Typical examples are public and internal web pages, wikis, mailing list services, issue tracking system, services for meeting organization and document and authorship management as well as build services and code repositories. In order to achieve stable and reliable services, the Belle II collaboration decided after considering different options to migrate the current set of services into the existing IT infrastructure at DESY. The DESY IT infrastructure is built to be reliable and highly available and has been providing sustainable services for many scientific groups such as CFEL and EXFEL as well as for HEP. It includes fail-over mechanisms, back-up and archiving options for all services. As for all computer centers, security is a major issue at DESY which is thoroughly considered for all services. In order to make optimal use of the existing services and support structures at DESY, implementation switches are necessary for some services. Hence not all services can simply be copied but will have to be adapted or even restructured. In preparation for the final migration small groups of experts went through the details of all services to identify problems and to develop alternative solutions. In the future the Belle II collaboration will be visible in web under the domain ‘’ which is owned and hosted by DESY. It will also be necessary to equip all Belle II members with credentials to access DESY services. For this purpose a certificate and VO membership based portal is set up which allows for authentication and authorization of users. After the approval by the Belle II bodies the migration process started in spring. It must be finished before the KEK summer shutdown in July. In the contribution to CHEP2016, at a time when the migration process must have finished, we will describe various aspects migration process and the services. Furthermore we plan to share experiences, reveal details, and give useful hints for similar approaches.

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