Status and perspective of Belle II at SuperKEKB

Ilya Komarov

19 March 2018
Moriond QCD 2018

Abstract: Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB accelerator will soon collect data from the first e+e- collisions. The dataset will be used for detector studies that will be coupled with the physics analyses, such as searches for the Dark Photon. In 2019 Belle II commisioning will enter the final phase and fully operational detector will start data taking with gradually increasing instantaneous luminosity. In this talk, we review some of the key Belle II features and analysis techniques together with their applications. Using the Full Event Interpretation algorithm, Belle II will be able to improve world average measurement of R(D) and R(D*) by the factor of 2. Performace of Time-Dependent CP Violation analyses at Belle II will increase compared to that of the ancestor due to improved tagging efficiency and vertex resolution and after 2 years of data taking Belle II measurement fo TDCPV parameters of b→qqs decays will be twice more precise than the current world average. Belle II also has a broad programme in 𝛕 physics, benefiting from the fact that in e+e- collisions at 𝚼(4S) energy 𝛕+𝛕- pairs are produced almost as often as BB̅ pairs. After 5 years of data taking, Bele II will be able to move down the upper limit of the rate of Charged Lepton Flavour Violating 𝛕 decays by the order of magnitude. Belle II also plans for many quarkonium measurements. Such, energy scans of e+e- collisions at energies above open flavour limit will reveal the structure of 𝚼(5S) and 𝚼(6S) resonances and maybe find some new structures above 11 GeV.

Keyword(s): Belle II
Note: 15 min

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