Exotics at Belle and Perspectives at Belle II

Elisabetta Prencipe

10 March 2018
Excited QCD workshop 2018

Abstract: The search for multi-quark states beyond the constituent quark model (CQM) has resulted in the discovery of many new exotic states, starting with the X(3872) discovery by Belle in 2003. Also in the sector of charm the CQM does not seem to describe properly all spectrum, despite of the theoretical expectations. These new forms of quark bounds clearly show that mesons and baryons are not the only possibilities to be considered. We report selected recent results on such states at Belle, with the perspectives in the hadron physics program at the Belle II experiment, which is right now in the phase-2 of its run-operation.

Keyword(s): exotics X, Y, Z
Note: 20' + 10'

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