Radiative and Electroweak Penguin B decays at Belle II

Saurabh Sandilya

14 December 2017
SUSY 2017

Abstract: The radiative and electroweak penguin $B$ decays proceed via one-loop diagram and are sensitive to new physics. Recently LHCb reported two anomalies in $B \to K^{(*)} \ell^+ \ell^-$ decays; One is the angular observables P5' with 3.4$\sigma$ significance which suggests $C_9^{\rm NP} = -1, and the other is lepton flavor non-universality in low $q^2$ region. We will report the prospects for the test of anomalies at Belle II, especially inclusive b->sl+l- processes and electron modes at high $q^2$ region allows comprehensive test which is hard at hadron colliders. We also present the prospects of other processes which are sensitive to new physics, such as $b \to s \gamma$, $b \to d \gamma$, $b \to s \nu \bar{\nu}$.

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