Determination of Vub at Belle II

Matic Lubej

24 March 2017
Moriond EW 2017

Abstract: Semileptonic decays of $B$ mesons involving low-mass charged leptons $e$ or $\mu$ are expected to be free of non-Standard Model contributions and therefore play a critical role in determinations of $\vert V_{ub} \vert$ and $\vert V_{cb} \vert$. Of all the CKM matrix parameters, $\vert V_{ub} \vert$ is the least precise and in most need of additional studies in order to constrain the apex of the Unitarity Triangle even further. We focus on exclusive reconstruction of charmless semileptonic $B$ meson decay $B \to \pi \ell \nu$, and present prospects and estimates for $\vert V_{ub} \vert$ at Belle II with the full planned dataset of 50 ab$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity.

Keyword(s): charmless ; semileptonic ; vub
Note: 5' (3'+2') 9 actual slides + many backup slides

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