Challenging the Standard Model - Belle II and the SuperKEKB Project

Christian Kiesling

27 January 2017
Bormio 2017

Abstract: With SuperKEKB and the Belle II experiment a new era of high statistics flavor physics at the Upsilon (4S) resonance is at the horizon, providing almost two orders of magnitude more luminosity compared to the eminently successful B factories PEP II and KEKB. In this presentation we first give a short introduction into the B-meson system and CP violation within the Standard Model, summarize the present experimental tensions, and then present SuperKEKB’s potential searching for physics beyond the Standard Model. Concurrently with the construction of SuperKEKB, a massive detector upgrade of the Belle detector (“Belle II”) is ongoing. Most importantly, the tracking and particle ID systems are in the focus. Due to the largely increased background close to the beam pipe traditional Silicon strip detector will no longer work. We report on the design and construction of a unique pixel vertex detector for Belle II, coined “PXD”. The PXD sensors are based on the DEPFET-technology, with which an extremely small material budget and a high signal to noise ratio can be reached. The principles of the DEPFET technology will be explained as well as the construction of large self-supporting pixel matrices, making up the PXD. Finally, we show the various steps, tests and commissioning phases for the accelerator and the Belle II detector which are scheduled for first nano-beam collisions by early 2018.

Note: 40 minutes Overview talk

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