Study of c c-bar c c-bar and c c-bar s s-bar at Belle

Dmytro Meleshko ; Elisabetta Prencipe ; Sören Lange

21 February 2024
53. Arbeitstreffen Kernphysik 2024

Abstract: The analyses of states with double cs content and the search for exotics have recently gained much attention. The Belle experiment collected roughly 1 ab-1 integrated luminosity data. While Belle II data-taking is in progress, we have performed a new search for exotic states and cross-section measurements with the full Belle data sets. Here we review the recent analysis of: a) e+e'-->Ds(*)+D_sJ- + c.c. from both Υ(2S) decays and continuum production at 10.52 GeV, using the Belle detector at KEKB; b) the analysis of e+e- -->eta J/psi + c.c. and search for double charmonium states; c) the study of e+e- -->D_s+D_sj(2317) and e+e- --> D_s+D_sj(2460) + anything else, in the continuum. Born cross-sections are evaluated, and a possible confirmation of the states seen in the invariant mass system of J/psiphi by LHCb in B decays has been investigated.

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