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000004122 245__ $$aSensitivity of magnetic monopole detection at the Belle II PXD
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000004122 520__ $$aParticles with isolated magnetic charge, so-called magnetic monopoles, are of high experimental and theoretical interest. As most theories predict a high energy loss of these particles in matter, magnetic monopoles, which could be produced in collider experiments, would only reach the inner detectors close to the interaction point. The Belle II pixel detector, which has a minimum radial distance of only 1.4 cm from the interaction point, is therefore well suited for detection. In this contribution, we focus on light monopoles of below 1 GeV and present the sensitivity to these particles at Belle II. Our analysis uses so-called autoencoder neural networks for background suppression. Our study predicts exclusion limits on the order of 10−39 cm2, which are competitive to established limits. This research is supported by BMBF (05H21RGKB1) and Horizon2020 European Union Marie Slodowska Curie Action in the RISE program (n.822070).
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