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000003988 245__ $$aTime-integrated WS-to-RS ratio of the D0 −→ K+π−π0 decay at Belle II
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000003988 520__ $$aIn the standard model, mixing and CP violation in the charm sector are expected to be very small, and thus, they constitute a sensitive probe for potential new physics contributions. The “wrong-sign” D^{0}->K^{+}π^{−}π^{0} decay is one of the most promising channels at Belle II, as this can be produced through two interfering processes: a direct doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decay of the D^{0} meson, or through D^{0}-D^{0}bar mixing followed by a Cabibbo-favored decay of the D^{0}bar meson. In this work, we report the time-integrated WS-to-RS ratio of the “wrong-sign” D^{0}->K^{+}π^{−}π^{0} decay in the simulation of the integrated luminosity of 1ab^{-1} at Belle II. The Belle II is the upgraded experimental facility at SuperKEKB, KEK, Japan. This study will be used to measure the mixing and CP Violation of the "wrong-sign" D^{0}->K^{+}π^{−}π^{0} decay.
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