Recent Belle II results on radiative and electroweak penguin decays

Jacopo Cerasoli

28 July 2023

Abstract: Radiative and electroweak penguin decays are excellent probes for new physics, since they are forbidden at tree level in the Standard Model, and hence any deviation from their predicted branching fractions would be a clear sign of physics processes not accounted for by the theory. In this paper, recent results on radiative and electroweak penguin decays at the Belle II experiment are reported. The results are obtained with a dataset corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 189 fb−1, and include measurements of 𝐵 → 𝑋𝑠 𝛾, 𝐵 → 𝐽/𝜓 (𝑙+𝑙−) 𝐾 and 𝐵 → 𝐾∗ 𝑙+ 𝑙− decays.

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