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000003735 100__ $$aSwarna Prabha Maharana;
000003735 245__ $$aCharged Particle Identification Performances in Belle II
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000003735 520__ $$aAn efficient Particle identification(PID) is crucial for Belle II as it deals with a much higher event rate than Belle and ultimately with a more extensive background. PID is advantageous in suppressing background, studying rare decays, and for the flavor tagging of B-mesons. We study the charged Kaon and Pion identification performances based on the data collected by the Belle II experiment corresponding to a luminosity of 207$fb^{-1}$ and compare it with Monte Carlo simulations. For the study, the decay mode $D^{*+}\rightarrow D^0[\rightarrow K^- \pi^+ \pi^0] \pi^+$ is reconstructed as it helps to probe the lower momentum region($<$ 0.5 ). The kaon efficiency and pion misidentification rates are calculated in bins of momentum and polar angle for the different PID criteria.
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