Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2023-033

Study of the lepton flavor violating decay τ → μγ at the Belle II experiment.

Marcela Garcia Hernandez ; Ivan Heredia De La Cruz

Cinvestav-IPN Mexico city

Abstract: In this work, we study the variables that allow us to discriminate among the possible background sources of the τ → μγ decay in the Belle II experiment. The τ → μγ is a lepton flavor violating decay, and therefore, it is a candidate for the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model of Particles Physics. Moreover, the study of the τ → μγ decay is important for future data analysis in the Belle II experiment. To perform this analysis, we reviewed the physical variables which help to discriminate between the signal and background simulated samples. Different selection requirements were applied to the generic backgrounds of the experiment and to the specific backgrounds of the τ → μγ channel to obtain a background-free signal region, thus estimating an upper bound for its branching ratio assuming an integrated luminosity of 1 ab^{−1}. This work sets the grounds for a candidate selection optimization in order to increase the reconstruction efficiency of the τ → μγ decay.

Note: Presented on 31 11 2018
Note: MSc

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