Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2023-012

Machine induced background study and simulation optimization at the SuperKEKB accelerator

Antonio Paladino ; Francesco Forti ; Carlos Marinas

Università La Sapienza Roma

Abstract: In 2004 the idea of an upgrade of KEKB to a machine with an even higher instantaneous luminosity started to be developed, and culminated in 2019 with the start of operations of SuperKEKB and the Belle II detector. One big challenge for such a high luminosity collider is machine induced backgrounds, so it is necessary to study all possible countermeasures to reduce them, including beam collimators. Collimators are sophisticated, costly and relatively big elements of the lattice, so their number and their position in the ring must be carefully evaluated. Simulations can be used to predict their effects and their optimal apertures. This work stems from the need to study how machine induced backgrounds can be mit- igated by collimators, how much collimator apertures can be optimized, and how many collimators could/should be installed to effectively reduce backgrounds.

Note: Presented on 19 02 2020
Note: PhD

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