Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2023-027

Study of $B\rightarrow (\chi_{c1} \gamma) K$ Decay

Debjit Ghosh ; Vishal Bhardwaj

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali Mohali

Abstract: The thesis aims to perform a sensitivity study of the $B \to X(3823) K \pi$ in the Belle II data set. If $X(3823)$ is $\psi(1\,^3D_{2})$ state with $J^{PC}=2^{--}$, like $\chi_{c2}$ ($J^{PC}=2^{++}$), its branching fraction of three body decay mode $B \rightarrow (\chi_{c1}\gamma) K \pi$ will be higher than its two body decay mode $B \rightarrow (\chi_{c1} \gamma) K$. We performed signal Monte Carlo study for the two and three body decay modes and estimated the reconstruction efficiency of $\psi(2S)$, $X(3823)$, and $X(3872)$. We improved the resolution of $M(\chi_{c1} \gamma)$ using the $\gamma$ energy scaling by forcing $\Delta E$ to be zero. We planned to do the background study in order to estimate the sensitivity. Due to the current COVID-19 scenario, we could not complete this task. However, we do provide the expected signal efficiency for the decay mode of interest.

Note: Presented on 30 06 2020
Note: MSc

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