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000003613 245__ $$aRecent tau and dark-sector results at Belle II
000003613 260__ $$a34th Rencontres de Blois 2023 - Particle Physics and Cosmology$$c2023-05-14
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000003613 520__ $$aBelle has unique sensitivity to a broad class of models that postulate the existence of dark matter particles with MeV—GeV masses. In addition, the low-background environment of electron-positron collisions along with the large expected sample size and an hermetic detector make Belle II the premier experiment for studying tau-lepton physics. This talk presents recent world-leading physics results from Belle II searches for dark Z’ decays; as well as for long-lived (pseudo) scalars in B decays. Results from Belle II determinations of the tau lepton mass and from searches for tau decays into a scalar non-SM particle and a lepton are also presented.
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