Recent Belle II results on time-dependent CP violation and charm physics

Jakub Kandra

14 May 2023
34th Rencontres de Blois 2023 - Particle Physics and Cosmology

Abstract: Measurements of time dependent CP violation are chief goals of the Belle II physics program. Comparisons of penguin-dominated b-> qqbar s to tree-dominated b-> ccbar s results allow for stringent tests of CKM unitarity that are sensitive to non-SM physics, but require excellent vertexing capabilities. After presenting recent world-leading results on charm-hadron lifetimes that demonstrate the Belle II vertexing performance, we report on results on B0->Kspi0, B0->KsKsKs, and B0->phiKs decays. In addition, a novel algorithm to identify the flavor of neutral charm mesons is presented that effectively doubles the sample size for many measurements of CP violation and flavor mixing.

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