Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2016-004

Measurement of Time-Dependent CP Violation in B0 → ηcKS0 at Belle Experiment, Optimization Studies of the Belle II Vertex Detector

Zbynek Drasal ; Zdenek Dolezal

Charles University Prague

Abstract: This doctoral thesis deals with two independent topics. In the first part we present a measurement of branching ratio(s) and time-dependent CP violation parameters in B0(B±) → ηcKS0(K±), ηc → pp ̄. The values of CP violation parameters have been found as follows: sin 2φ , denoted as an S parameter, equals: S = 0.68+0.38 ±0.13 1 CP CP −0.46 cyst, the direct CP violation parameter, denoted as an A , is: A = 0.00+0.23 ± 0.08 CP CP −0.31. These results have been obtained with the final data sample of 772×106 BB ̄ pairs collected at Υ(4S) resonance with a Belle detector at the KEKB e+e− asymmetric collider machine in Japan. In the second part, we present our approach to the Monte Carlo (MC) simula- tion of Belle II vertex detector and its response to high energy particles. Belle II represents an upgrade of current Belle experiment and its designed vertex detector will consist of 2 layers of Depfet pixel detectors (PXD) and 4 layers of double-sided silicon micro-strip detectors (SVD). The MC simulation together with a charged particle reconstruction have been developed and implemented within a modular based ILC (International Linear Col- lider) software framework in order to find an optimal design of the Belle II vertex detector. From final optimization studies, we present a detailed study of expected material dis- tributions in the vertex detector, optimization of the final pixel detector layout and its performance, study of slanted SVD detectors installation in the forward region and its impact on resolution, and finally, a study of expected impact parameter resolution of the whole vertex detector.

Note: Presented on 08 04 2016
Note: PhD

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