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Recent Belle II results related to flavor anomalies

Kazuki Kojima

29 March 2023
International Conference on the Physics of the Two Infinities

Abstract: Persistent anomalies reported by various experiments in $b \rightarrow c$ and $b \rightarrow s\ell\ell$ transitions hint at possible violation of lepton-flavor universality. The Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB collider probes the relevant effects using observables complementary to those explored elsewhere. This talk reports recent results from a sensitive search for $\bar{B}^{+} \rightarrow K^{+}\nu\bar{\nu}$ decays, and an inclusive determination of the branching fraction of bottom mesons into hadrons and tau leptons, relative to that into hadrons and light leptons.

Keyword(s): Semileptonic ; Semileptonic B decays ; R(X) ; Angular asymmetry ; Afb ; LFV ; LFUV ; FEI ; Kll ; Knunu ; R(D*) ; Two Infinities ; 2023
Note: 15 minutes (13 minutes presentation + 2 minutes Q&A)

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