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000003404 245__ $$aSemileptonic and Leptonic B Physics at Belle II
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000003404 500__ $$a4th World Summit on Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe (EDSU 2022)
000003404 520__ $$aSemileptonic decays of B mesons that proceed via b → u and b → c transitions, as well as rare leptonic B decays, are fertile grounds for probing new physics beyond the Standard Model. The Belle II experiment presents an excellent opportunity to study such decays, and since beginning operation in 2019, Belle II has already recorded half of the data collected by its predecessor and reached an instantaneous luminosity greater than 4×10^34 cm^-2s^-1. Belle II expects to explore flavor physics with B and charmed mesons with unprecedented precision, and has already produced multiple world-leading results in this area. We present recent results from Belle II on measurements of the CKM parameters Vub and Vcb as well as results for R(Xe/μ).
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