Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2022-041

Optimization of long-lived neutral kaon detection and rejection at the Belle II experiment

Lucas Stötzer ; Prof. Dr. Jochen Dingfelder ; Dr. Peter Lewis

Physikalisches Institut Bonn

Abstract: We investigate an optimization of the reconstruction of neutral long living Kaons ($K_L^0$) at the Belle II experiment. The detection and identification of them is a challenging task, due to the fact that they are chargeless and have a rather long lifetime, which makes it difficult to observe their decay within the detector. Nevertheless, in the Belle II experiment they can be detected by the Klong-Muon-Detector (KLM), through hadronic showers. But still the detection efficiency of $K_L^0$ mesons is low and background clusters are common. So a clear separation between KLM clusters originating from a $K_L^0$ shower and background clusters is necessary.

Note: Presented on 21 11 2022
Note: MSc

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