BELLE2-CONF-DRAFT-2022-029 BELLE2-CONF-PH-2022-029

Reconstruction of B→ρℓνℓ decays identified using hadronic decays of the recoil B meson in 2019 -- 2021 Belle II data

Moritz Bauer ; Nadia Ejlal Toutounji ; Pablo Goldenzweig ; Kevin Varvell

29 November 2022

Abstract: We present results on the semileptonic decays $B^0 \to \rho^- \ell^+ \nu_\ell$ and $B^+ \to \rho^0 \ell^+ \nu_\ell$ in a sample corresponding to 189.9/fb of Belle II data at the SuperKEKB $e^- e^+$ collider. Signal decays are identified using full reconstruction of the recoil $B$ meson in hadronic final states. We determine the total branching fractions via fits to the distributions of the square of the "missing" mass in the event and the dipion mass in the signal candidate and find ${\mathcal{B}(B^0\to\rho^-\ell^+ \nu_\ell) = (4.12 \pm 0.64(\mathrm{stat}) \pm 1.16(\mathrm{syst})) \times 10^{-4}}$ and ${\mathcal{B}({B^+\to\rho^0\ell^+\nu_\ell}) = (1.77 \pm 0.23 (\mathrm{stat}) \pm 0.36 (\mathrm{syst})) \times 10^{-4}}$ where the dominant systematic uncertainty comes from modeling the nonresonant $B\to (\pi\pi)\ell^+\nu_\ell$ contribution.

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