Search fro a stable double strange hexaquark at Belle II

Bianca Scavino

17 October 2022
NSTAR 2022

Abstract: QCD-motivated models for hadrons predict a wide variety of multi-quark states beyond ordinary mesons and baryons, known as exotic states. The first observation of a heavy exotic state by Belle in 2003 has triggered a huge experimental effort, and the last 20 years have marked a turning point in the field. To date, states composed of four and five valence quark have been observed and their existence confirmed. The possible observation of six-quark states would give us further insight into understanding and describing the strong interaction. In particular, the search for a stable double strange hexaquark, which was put forward also as a dark matter candidate, is part of the Belle II physics program, and a fraction of the experiment data taking period is plan to be dedicated to run at the energy of the Υ(3𝑆) resonance, particularly well suited for searches for multiquark states with non-zero strangeness. This talk presents a feasibility study for the search for a stable double strange six-quark state 𝑆 produced in Υ(3𝑆) decays, with a focus on the obtained predictions for both existing and novel measurements.

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