Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2022-037

Irradiation Burst Studies on Belle II PXD Module Components

Jannes Schmitz ; Prof.Dr.Jochen Dingfelder

Physikalisches Institut Bonn

Abstract: The Belle II detector started recording collision data in spring 2019. During physics runs, unexpected irradiation burst events occurred, which exposed the inner detectors and especially the PXD (PiXel Detector) to unwanted levels of prompt irradiation. Dedicated measurement campaigns were carried out at the Mainz Microtron (MAMI), which aimed to reproduce the observed effects of irradiation bursts on the PXD in Belle II. To this end, a focused high intensity (up to 10uA) pencil beam of 855 MeV electrons was used to irradiate full system demonstrators in several spatially confined fiducial regions. During first campaigns in 2020 the observed failure mode could be reproduced and restricted to vulnerable regions in one specific module component. This thesis summarizes the results of all performed measurement campaigns, concluding on possible protective measures against the impact of irradiation bursts on the PXD modules installed inside Belle II.

Note: Presented on 17 12 2020
Note: MSc

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