Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2022-036

Development of a FE-I4-based module for radiation monitoring with BEAST II during the commissioning phase of the Belle II detector

Patrick Ahlburg ; Prof. Dr. Jochen Dingfelder

Physikalisches Institut Bonn

Abstract: Since 2010, the accelerator has been upgraded with the goal of an instantaneous luminosity 40 times higher compared to KEKB. At an asymmetric energy of colliding electrons and positrons, the new Belle II detector will record the resulting events. Before the installation of the Belle II inner detector in 2017, the BEAST II (Beam Exorcisms for A Stable Experiment) experiment has been developed for the study of background radiation during the commissioning phase of the SuperKEKB machine. The experiment will measure the expected radiation for the components of the inner detectors and support the tuning of the accelerator beam optics and collimator system. In the inner detector volume, the BEAST II experiment will consist of five complementary detector systems: FANGS (FE-I4 ATLAS Near Gamma Sensors), CLAWS (sCintillation Light And Waveform Sensors), PLUME (Pixelated Ladder using Ultra-light Material Embedding) and a segment of the vertex detector. Within the scope of this thesis, the development and composition of the FANGS detector as well as its operation are being discussed.

Note: Presented on 17 11 2016
Note: MSc

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