Thesis BELLE2-MTHESIS-2022-021

Characterisation of the Final Components of the Belle II Pixel Detector and Energy Calibration using Source Measurements

Barbara Leibrock ; Jochen Dingfelder

University of Bonn Bonn

Abstract: In this master’s thesis, the final iterations of the matrix and chips were for the first time tested together in preparation of the module mass production. A set of four characterisation scans was performed, finding parameter spaces for the matrix voltages, the digitisation process, the chips’ communication and for sending the data off the module. As the four modules for the commissioning detector and the first final modules are assembled already, those parameter scans were one of the final chances to find flaws in the chips. With the thus optimised system, energy and gain calibrations are performed. With the results of the former, the amplification of the DEPFET pixels is determined, while the latter is reapplied on the source data to increase the energy resolution and decrease the width of the peaks.

Note: Presented on 14 11 2017
Note: MSc

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