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$R(D^{*})$ measurement using the hadronic tag algorithm at the Belle II experiment

Kazuki Kojima ; Toru Iijima ; Qi-Dong Zhou ; Kodai Matsuoka ; Taichiro Koga ; Katsuro Nakamura ; Koji Hara ; for the Belle II Collaboration

06 September 2022
The 2022 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan

Abstract: In the semileptonic decay of $B$ mesons, the global average of $R(D^{*})$ measurement deviates from the Standard Model by $3.3\sigma$. It indicates a violation of the lepton universality. We will measure $R(D^{*})$ for the validation of this deviation using the Belle II data, which are independent of the previous measurements’ data. We have developed an analysis method employing the hadronic tag algorithm. In this talk, we will report the method and discuss the expected sensitivity in this analysis with data collected by the summer of 2022.

Keyword(s): R(D*) ; D*taunu ; FEI ; Hadronic tag ; Leptonic tau decay ; Semileptonic ; Semitauonic ; JPS ; JPS2022 ; JPS2022Autumn
Note: 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A) ; ;

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