Recent Belle II results on the CKM parameters $|V_{cb}|$ and $|V_{ub}|$

Taichiro Koga

06 July 2022
ICHEP 2022

Abstract: emileptonic 𝐵 decays allow to determine the magnitudes of the CKM matrix parameters |𝑉𝑐𝑏| and |𝑉𝑢𝑏|, two fundamental parameters of the standard model flavor sector. At Belle II these measurements use both exclusive decays such as 𝐵→𝐷∗ℓ𝜈 and 𝐵→𝜋ℓ𝜈, or inclusive 𝑋𝑐ℓ𝜈 or 𝑋𝑢ℓ𝜈 final states restricted in phase space. The low-background collision environment along with the possibility of partially or fully reconstructing one of the two 𝐵 mesons in the event offer high precision. Recent results on |𝑉𝑐𝑏| and |𝑉𝑢𝑏|, along with a novel measurement of lepton-𝑞2 moments are presented, along with future perspectives.

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