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000002842 245__ $$aDiversity and Inclusion at Belle II
000002842 260__ $$a30th International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies$$c2022-01-10
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000002842 520__ $$aBelle II is a particle physics collaboration that has over 1000 people from institutions in 26 countries who work together to achieve its physics goals. Belle II is committed to fostering an open, diverse, and inclusive environment; as part of this commitment it created a diversity office to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues, promote an inclusive atmosphere within the collaboration, provide a safe and confidential point to contact for collaborators to report any issues, particularly those related to discrimination and harassment, and ensure that persons from underrepresented groups are considered for positions of responsibility within the collaboration. Diversity and inclusion activities and initiatives at Belle II and analysis of the demographics of the collaboration will be presented.
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