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000002826 100__ $$aElisabetta Prencipe
000002826 245__ $$aStudies of the X(3872) at Belle II
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000002826 500__ $$aDeadline: 15/01/2022
000002826 520__ $$aThe X(3872) is one of the most puzzling resonances ever observed. First seen by the Belle Collaboration in 2003, it solicited the effort of a hundred of experimental physicists and dozens of theorists, who nowadays are trying yet to shed light on the nature of this peculiar resonant state. It was seen in several decay modes and different production mechanisms, and confirmed by several experiments, so it is well established, and recently  is addressed as the $\chi_{c1} (3872)$. Here we report about a re-discovery of the X(3872) with early Belle II data, and discuss plans for future measurements once the full integrated planned luminosity will be achieved by Belle II.
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