Charmonium-like studies at Belle II

Rashmi Dhamija

07 October 2021

Abstract: The Belle II experiment has accumulated data corresponding to 213 fb^{-1} integrated luminosity in the past two years. Belle II plans to accumulate 50 ab^{ -1} of data which is expected to bring a large impact to the field of hadron spectroscopy. We present here the analysis of B → K J/ψπ+π- and B → Kψ(2S) using 62.8 fb^{-1} of data at Belle II. We find evidence of X(3872) → J/ψπ+π− with a signal yield of 14.4 ± 4.6 and a statistical significance of 4.6 σ. We also present the preliminary results of e+e− → π+π- J/ψ via ISR using 37.8 fb^{-1} of data at Belle II.

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