Thesis BELLE2-PTHESIS-2021-017

Search for D+ → K- K0s π+ π+ π0 at the Belle Experiment and Development of the Read-Out System for the Pixel Detector of the Belle II Experiment

Dmytro Levit ; Stephan Paul

Technische Universität München München

Abstract: The thesis describes development of a read-out system of the pixel detector at Belle II and search for a rare D+decay in full data sample of Belle experiment. Channel D+ → K− K0s π+ π+ π0 is sensitive to new physics models that manifest themself in CP-violating isospin transition amplitudes ∆I = 3/2, which are prohibited in the standard model. This channel allows us to measure CP violation in the ∆I = 3/2 amplitude. I measured branching fraction with weak statistical significance 2σ, and therefore report a 95% upper exclusive limit on the branching fraction BF(D+ → K− K0s π+ π+ π0) < 7.23x10−5. In the second part of the thesis, I describe an FPGA-based read-out system for the DEPFET pixel detector of the new Belle II experiment. The system controls the pixel detector and processes its data as a stand-alone data acquisition system for detector development and characterization and as a high-performance read-out system at Belle II.

Note: Presented on 13 02 2019
Note: PhD

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