Charm status and prospects at Belle II

Jitendra Kumar

07 September 2021

Abstract: The Belle II experiment started collecting data in summer 2018 and since then more than 175$\invfb$ of integrated luminosity has been collected. With limited statistics, current charm measurements are focused on re-discoveries, reconstruction, and detector performance. In this proceeding, we present the current status and prospects of the charm measurements with the target luminosity of 50 ab$^{-1}$ at Belle II. In particular, the $\Dz$ and $\Dp$ life-time study, time-integrated Charge-Parity (CP) asymmetries, $\Dz-\Dzb$ mixing, and time-dependent CP violation (CPV) measurements are discussed.

Keyword(s): charm physics ; charm mixing ; CPV ; charm prospects
Note: Proceeding for charm 2020 (remotely in 2021) conference.

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