Belle II:Status and Prospects

Takeo Higuchi

07 September 2021
PANIC 2021

Abstract: We present the status and results of the Belle II experiment. The main topic of the slides is the most recent status of the Belle II physics data analyses. The physics analyses included in the slides are: measurement of the UT interior angles, reconstruction of B -> Charm, reconstruction of B -> Charmless (Kpi puzzle), measurement of the CKM matrix elements, reconstruction of electroweak and radiative penguin decays, tau physics, search for invisible particles, and measurement of the charm-meson lifetime. A summary of the detector performance is attached to the backup section.

Keyword(s): phi1 ; phi2 ; BtoCharm ; BtoCharmless ; Kpi puzzle ; Vub ; Electroweak penguin ; Tau physics ; Invisible particle ; Axion like particle ; Charm-meson lifetime
Note: 30 minutes

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